What to expect

Order from us today, and receive food delivered to your door that was either unsold surplus produce, or meals created from unsold surplus produce by some of the best chefs Suffolk has to offer. And then pat yourself on the back, because by ordering from us, you're not only helping the environment, you're helping your local community who might be struggling to access affordable food. What you can afford to pay could offset those who can't afford to pay much. 

What's in the boxes?

We offer 3 different produce boxes, all on a 'Pay As You Feel' basis:  

  • Unsold surplus fruit and vegetables from local supermarkets and farms.

  • Unsold dry store items such as rice, pasta, bread, canned good and jars.

  • Prepared meals and side dishes delivered frozen and cooked with unsold produce from local supermarkets and farms.

Click on what we have to offer below to find out more!

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Don't forget, you can pay as you feel for any of the boxes. Discount codes are displayed for each option we offer, just click on the box plan you want below, and you'll find the codes in the product description. Use them at checkout under 'Promo Code' and watch your balance to pay change to reflect what you wish to pay.

Please pay what you can afford. Those of you who can afford to pay more, help out those who can afford much less.


New: You can even pay it forward! Scroll down to find our 'Pay it forward' option. 

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