Sausage & Squeak! The very best top quality sausages, rescued from the forced closure of artisan sausage company, Proctor’s, matched with the very best bubble, (which we instead called squeak because ‘sausage and bubble’ sounded awful), topped with the finest gravy our chefs could create, we present, our much awaited: Sausage and Squeak! As many will already know, we fought hard to pull this off: 2,500 meals in 2 days. It took another 2 days to pack and label the meals, and with the entire community behind us —we managed it! A huge thanks again to all of you who rocked up, rolled sleeves up and helped out. Our head chef would still be there now labelling them if it weren’t for all of you! We are offering 4 meals per pack, as 8 seemed a lot less variety than people might want, but you’re welcome to purchase more than one if that suits. As always, it’s Pay As You Feel; what you feel you can afford, or what you think it’s worth. We have a min order cost of £5 a box, (£1.25 a meal) due to the increased costs involved in producing these.The dish itself contains the following:Onion, garlic, potato, pork, wheat, rosemary, sage, nutmeg, ginger, black pepper, preservative, maltodextrin, soya, vegetable protein, carrot, cabbage, oil, peas, salt, red wine, sherry, cider vinegar, milkAllergens: sulphites, gluten, soya, milk(Frozen 15/11/2020 consume within 3 months)We strongly recommend you defrost before cooking and we really can’t wait to hear your feedback! Simon and his team worked so hard to rescue, cook and freeze all these for the community. Now it’s over to you! For the final leg of the rescue mission —consumption! Who’s up to the challenge? PAYF Discount Codes:£5 Off our Sausage & Squeak Discount Code: S&S5OFF£10 Off our Sausage & Squeak Discount Code:S&S10OFF

1 box of 4 Surplus Sausage and Squeak Meals


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